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FatherFest 2019 at Alamo Beer Company

Get excited, this June, FatherFest is back again for 2019 at Alamo Beer Company! Raise awareness to support prostate cancer screening and research, this Father’s Day, come and celebrate better health with music and family friendly activities. This event will include free prostate, testosterone and lipid screening for men, it is an event that needs to be called attention to, not just for the dad’s but for their families too. The event admission is FREE to public at 12 pm, there is also a special Jazz Brunch ($40) which is starts at 10 am that includes live music and...

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Jurassic Park

Are you a fan of Jurassic Park? Well good news for you then, HEB Cinema on the Plaza is showing it for FREE! In this Spielberg movie, paleontologist Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm are taken to tour an island created by mastermind, John Hammond, who brilliantly created a theme park solely populated by living and breathing REAL dinosaurs created from prehistoric DNA! Imagine the shock on the paleontologist’s faces when they see the once extinct dinosaurs! The seemingly “safe” park turns out to be not so safe when these predators go free and start their hunt.¬† “God...

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Texas Folklife Festival

Come take part in the 48th Texas Folklife Festival, where you will get to experience several of the Texan cultures by celebrating art, music, dance, food and more! Included in this weekend event are, various stages of music and entertainment, artisans such as wine making, pottery, handmade goods and oh so much more!¬†There are numerous food vendors who take part in this, come give your palate a party by trying authentic foods like Greek gyros, German schnitzel, Belgian mussels, and so many other varieties! This event is family so come one and come ALL. You won’t forget the experience...

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Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson in San Antonio

  You may have seen his many talks about astrophysics or you may know him from a popular meme well now you have a chance to see him live! Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson is coming to San Antonio on June 3 at the Tobin Center. The topic of the event will be The Search for Life in the Universe.¬†Beginning with Mars, he will review the ongoing effort to search for habitable planets, liquid water, and life in the cosmos. Culminating in the search for intelligent life, and explores the topic of whether or not it already exists on Earth....

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Fitness on the Plaza: Pilates Body

Come get your stretch on with Fitness on the Plaza: Pilates Body event! Presented by University Health System, this event includes all of the InBalance favorites in one hour session, experience dance, barre, pilates, AND yoga all in one class. Coming from InBalance’s signature dance cardio class, learn a variety of genres like hip hop, ballet and jazz; combining with a series of strength building moves using weights, elasticity bands, balls and more! Best of all, its FREE! Come join for a unique experience in working out which will have you sweating in no time! When: June 8th |...

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